EFS Staff

There seems to be a fair bit of confusion about the disability tax credit in BC, often from the doctors and accountants that don’t appreciate the value of this tax credit.  We’d like to share our experience with the various conditions that our clients have suffered from, enabling them to take advantage of this misunderstood, but very valuable, tax credit.

We’ve been able to help clients with the following ailments get substantial tax refunds through the current Disability Tax Credit guidelines.  Give us a call so we can help you, too.

Conditions that may qualify you for the Disability Tax Credit

Here is a small sampling of the conditions we’ve encountered, as well as the tax refund earned.  Each case is different, and the amounts specified below are a result of many factors (length of time taxes have been paid, income, tax bracket, length of time with condition, etc.)  Please contact us to find out how we can help you get Fi$cal about Your Disability

Condition Awarded Tax Credit
Degenerative Disc Disease Lumbar Spine $16,744
Knee Replacement (Denied in 2001 and Reinstated) $11,119
Multiple Sclerosis $8,797
Crohn’s Disease $13,588
Crohn’s Disease $12,380
Filum Terminale Ependymoma $13,646
Cerebral Palsey $15,058
Osteoarthritis Knees (Denied in 2001 and Reinstated) $10,208
Rheumatiod & Osteoarthritis $35,228
Degenerative Disc Disease $12,624
Osteoarthritis Knees $13,518
Schizophrenia/Bi-Polar Disorder $13,498
Autism $11,361
Spinal Cord Injury $19,525
Angina, Arrhythmia (Congenital Heart Failure) $13,651
Colostomy $14,218
Brain Tumor $12,295
Deceased Parents $28,154
Prostrate Cancer $14,124
Fibromyalgia $8,977
Congestive Heart Failure $13,651
Degenerative Disc Disease & Osteoarthritis lumbar spine $10,159
Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome $13,006
Degenerative Disc Disease of Lumbar Spine $12,534
Elimination functions $7,482
Arthritis $363
Cervical Spine $19,525
Back Injury $12,758
Neuropathic & Mechanical Back Pain $7,402
Arthritis $8,792
Peripheral Vascular Disease $12,249
Congestive Heart Failure $8,591
Quadriceps Myopathy $11,592
Post Traumatic Arthritis Fracture $13,657
Breast Cancer $4,644
Neuropathic pain $12,620
Arthritis $8,792
Peripheral Vascular Disease $12,249
Congestive Heart Failure $8,591
Post Traumatic Arthritis Fracture $13,657
Breast Cancer $4,644
Neuropathic pain $12,620
Motor Vehicle Accident arthritis foot &knees $2,264
Ceribular Atrophy $2,924
Osteoarthritis $35,228
Kidney Disease $12,037
Fibromyalgia $12,877
Chronic fatigue Syndrome $5,427
Regenerative Disc Disease of Lumbar Spine $13,359
Degenerative Disease $10,208
Filum Terminale Ependymoma $13,646
Ruptured Discs in Lumbar Spine $11,539
Hip Replacements $14,613
Trigeminal Neuralgia Anethesis Dolorosa $13,424
Breast Cancer $15,313
Degenerative Disc Disease $11,440
Arthritis $7,442
Parkinson’s & Arthritis $12,710
Degenerative CA to Spine $16,744
Vascular Disease Osteoarthritis, knees and hips $8,997
Arthritis, weak heart $13,732
Myasthenia Gravis – DTC denied in 2001 – reinstated in ’09 $12,504
Osteoarthritis both knees and (R) knee replacement $11,693
Large Disc Protrusion $11,245
Ankylosing spondylitis, peripheral vascular disease, ischemic heart disease $9,974
Diabetic Neuropathy $12,755
Osteoarthritis in Hips $1,962
Bypass Surgery $12,153
Osteoarthritis $14,216
Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia $9,910
Back Problem $5,472
Myasthenia Gravis $11,068
Osteoporosis/Rheumatoid Arthritis $8,727
Plantar Fasciitis $7,300
Parkinson’s disease $12,271
Spinal Stenosis $4,495
Fibrolanellor Heptocellular Carcinoma $4,911
Osteoarthritis $13,879
Chronic Fatigue and Depression $7,315
Lumbar Disc Disease $6,919
Irritable Bowel Syndrome $13,851
Arthritis of Cervical Thoracic Spine $2,357
Severe Osteoarthritis $13,779
Degenerative Disc Disease $13,361
Osteoarthritis lumbar spine right hip and left knee $8,749
Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue $5,191
Chronic Fatigue, Depression $7,315
Osteoarthritis, Pulmonary Embolism $5,937
COPD, Osteoarthritis $12,785
Asthma and heart disease $14,080
Degenerative Disc Disease – Arthritis of Spine $13,897
Lumbar Back Pain & Right Knee Repair $10,905
Stroke and Drop Foot $10,880
Malignant Carcinoma $3,387
Ankylosing Spondylitis $4,437
Severe asthma, bilateral hip replacement osteoarthritis of right knee $4,268
Vestibular Neuritis $6,645
Aspergers Spectrum Disorder $22,098

Enabled Financial Solutions helps seniors and those living with disabilities recoup the taxes paid to Canada Revenue Agency.  If you have a prolonged medical condition or a disease or disability preventing you from enjoying your life, call today to discuss how Linda Choronobay can help you qualify for the Disability Tax Credit in Canada.