EFS Staff

When was the last time you heard something in the news about arthritis? Are any of your favourite TV characters affected by it? With over 4 million Canadians suffering from it, one would think it would be talked about a bit more frequently.

Sometimes, folks with arthritis think they should keep the fact that they are suffering from their boss, friends, family, and physician. And this prevents them from getting the compassion, understanding, and just as importantly, treatment. Yes, sometimes it can be hard to discuss feelings with those we love, but it is important to communicate with them, as they can often help ease your suffering.

Some of the ways that you can talk to them about your arthritis:

  • Be open – let them know when your arthritis is affecting you, so they can help make decisions that won’t put you in a painful situatio
  • Set boundaries – set limits on what you can or cannot do.
  •  Communicate – just telling your family about your condition isn’t the same as them understanding what you are going through. Discuss it with them so they can understand how daily experiences can affect your arthritis.

Regardless of what affects you, communicating with your family is the best way to keep them informed on how you are doing. And if you’re the one providing homecare, perhaps you can use these tips to find out how your patient is doing. Wait and get the full answers, don’t just assume that the superficial “I’m fine” is 100% truthful.

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