EFS Staff

Burnaby-New Westminster MP Peter Julian has reintroduced a private members bill that would allow those with a hearing disability to receive a disability tax credit.

Currently the degree of hearing impairment is assessed by having a listening device present. Julian’s bill would eliminate that standard. It would also revise the language for support of the hearing loss from requiring it being from a person “familiar” with the applicant to “another” person.

The call for the May 2 election earlier this year meant the original bill did not get voted on.

“Canadians with hearing loss should not be unfairly blocked from accessing the tax credit from people with disabilities,” said Julian in a press release.

He received support for his bill from the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, Voice for Hearing Impaired Children, the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists, and the Canadian Academy of Audiology.