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Firms specializing in the “disability tax credit” (DTC) have attracted considerable attention in recent months, for all the wrong reasons.

Allegations tossed around include; unfounded claims being advanced, doctors being on a company’s “payroll”, and even some doctors who have certified taxpayers’ DTC forms being unlicensed.

Is Enabled Financial Solutions Ltd. (EFS) involved in this sort of activity?

Simply put, no.

According to CEO Linda Chornobay, her firm operates with the highest ethical principles.  “The clients we attract are cut from the same cloth we are”, she says.  “I demand of my associates that they are honourable in character.  In fact, that’s part of our motto.”

When asked about EFS’ relationship with doctors, Ms. Chornobay confirms her company has no doctors on its staff, and no one at her firm has a relative who is a doctor.  Nor does she have a “go to” doctor to whom she regularly refers her clients.

“Our firm has an ‘arm’s length’ relationship with doctors, characterized by professionalism and mutual respect”, she states.   “Our clients are responsible for getting their own family doctor.  We don’t do that for them. ”

The Better Business Bureau echoes this positive image.

A search of the BBB’s database shows that EFS is an “accredited” member.  This means that the firm has paid a fee to be reviewed and monitored, and that it is committed to making a good faith effort to resolve customer complaints.

Not that complaints have occurred.  Enabled Financial gets an “A” rating from the BBB. This rating, which would be even higher if Enabled Financial had been around a bit longer, is based on a number of factors, including type of business, complaints, and government action.   The BBB’s report pegs the number of customer complaints at ‘zero’.

Further underlining this favorable view of EFS, the company was a 2011 finalist for the BBB’s coveted ‘Torch Award’.  The BBB annually awards firms for demonstrating “a superior commitment to exceptional standards that benefit its customers, employees … and surrounding communities.”

BC business associations as well think pretty highly of Chornobay’s company.  The firm recently won the Victoria Chamber of Commerce 2011 Small Business of the Year.  Considering the number of entrants, that is a sizable feat for the pint-sized company.

How does EFS stack up on the internet?  An informal Google search of “Enabled Financial Solutions” together with “complaints” or “scams” turned up nothing.  Clearly a good sign in this age of the viral spread of bad news.

Victoria, B.C. residents Ed Widenmaier and his wife, Hazel, both of whom had DTC claims handled by EFS, were impressed with Chornobay’s personal touch.  “She wasn’t afraid to come out to our house for a one-on-one,” Mr. Widenmaier relates.  “She sat down with us and we felt very comfortable giving her our personal information.”

Addressing the issue of the cost of EFS’ services, Mr. Widenmaier notes that it isn’t cheap, being 30% of the refund, “but it’s worth it”, he says.  “If you succeed in your claim like my wife and I did, you get back money you never would’ve seen.  I’ve referred over a dozen people – friends and family – to Linda and I’m going to keep on doing it.”

Similarly, Andrew Barber of Victoria, B.C., originally a client, now gladly refers others to EFS. “What most impressed me about Linda, who is an honest and rare person, was how frank she was with us.  She didn’t have a slick marketing spiel, called a spade a spade, returned phone calls, and never gave us any BS.”

As for people who put a lot of faith in what others may say about their right to a DTC claim, Mr. Barber recommends you take the advice of accountants or others with a grain of salt.  “If you know in your heart that you have a disability that should qualify,” he says, “go to someone who knows the area.  Go to Linda – she’s a pro who can help you.”

With EFS, what you’ll get is a respected, award-winning company that specializes in getting a DTC for you.  And they’ll do it in a way that lets everyone sleep at night.  The peace of mind is worth it.


Enabled Financial Solutions helps seniors and those living with disabilities recoup the taxes paid to Canada Revenue Agency.  If you have a prolonged medical condition or a disease or disability preventing you from enjoying your life, call today to discuss how Linda Chronobay can help you qualify for the Disability Tax Credit in Canada.

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