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When we are young, we think we are invincible and that our actions will have no bearing on the quality of life we have in the future. As we grow older, we start to understand that we will need to make some lifestyle adjustments if we are to live a healthy life. These adjustments can take on numerous forms and can mean different things for different people. One thing is for sure– at some point, you will need to be conscious of how your lifestyle is affecting your current and future life.

For some people, it takes a scary moment or some unfortunate news to convince them to choose a healthy lifestyle. Part of staying healthy as you get older involves eating properly and exercising regularly. These aren’t mutually exclusive concepts – they should be coupled together to achieve maximum effects and results on your life. Exercise doesn’t mean solely lifting weights or going for runs – it could be as simple as getting some fresh air while going for a walk in the morning, enjoying a casual bike ride with your grandchildren, or splashing around in your community pool. The duration and intensity of the exercise depends on the capability of the person and what they are trying to achieve. Additionally, eating well does not mean living on a restrictive diet. An occasional snack here or there won’t hurt you, but overall, you should maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Here’s a quick guideline to show you how exercise and diet can work together:

Exercise Calories Burned/Hour Equivalent Food
Walking (2 mph) 170 1 bottle of beer
Jogging 476 1 Beef pot pie
Swimming 408 1 cheeseburger
Yoga 170 1 crusty roll
Tai Chi 272 1 slice cheesecake
Sex (light activity) 68 1 fig bar or 2 gingersnaps
Cycling (less than 10mph) 272 1 piece of pepperoni


As a senior, staying healthy is crucial to the quality of life you wish to enjoy. Each year, many seniors struggle with maintaining their health, but a simple lifestyle change early on could have made all the difference.  Start thinking of your future health today, and make the right choices to ensure you have a long and independent life.

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