EFS Staff

Here’s a sneak peek at the article that’s been written about us for the May issue of Business Examiner:

Thousands of people in Canada are not getting all the tax credits they deserve. Enabled Financial Solutions Ltd. is in the business of making sure those people get everything they merit.

Enabled Financial Solutions is a company who hires and trains disability tax credit specialists.

CEO and founder Linda Chornobay explains, “We make sure that people with disabilities get all the benefits the law entitles them to. We work mostly in the grey area of the disability tax credit.”

The company has done so well in providing a much-needed service to people that it is up for two prestigious awards this spring. Enabled Financial Solutions is a finalist in the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award for 2011 and is also a finalist in the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for 2011 in the “Business Professional” category.

Speaking of the nominations, Chornobay says, “It’s a very humbling experience. I’ve never been nominated for anything and it’s such an honour.”

Chornobay herself has a disability – and it was that disability that was the seed from which the company grew. About seven years ago, Chornobay, whose background is in administration, medical and legal, did her own disability tax credit.   “And I found out how difficult it was,” she says. “And I realized there must be hundreds of people who don’t know how to navigate through this difficult document.”

She was inspired with the idea that she might be able to help others, and slowly began to develop a service. In 2007 she founded Enabled Financial and incorporated a year later. Immediately she began offering free seminars and free assessments. She says,

“The thing that sets us apart from other companies that do this is that we plug ourselves into each community that we live in. That means we network with support groups for people with disabilities and we constantly offer free seminars and free eligibility assessments to determine if we can qualify someone for the federal disability tax credit.”

She notes that the tax credit is retroactive for 10 years. It used to be 17 years but the

Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) changed that in 2005. In fact, Chornobay points out that changes are a constant when it comes to having our client’s disability tax credits approved and part of her company’s job is staying on top of those changes. Enabled Financial Solutions works closely with its clients to get them what they are entitled to.

“People with disabilities often just don’t have the energy to fight,” Chornobay says. “And they don’t know how to.”

Enabled Financial Solutions also works closely with the client’s doctors and develops excellent relationships with them. “We do everything for our clients,” Chornobay says, noting that the process can take 6 – 7 months. “We review their medical history thoroughly. Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth but we do get the information that we need. We’re advocates between the clients, their doctors and the Canada Revenue Agency.”

The disability tax credit is based on what the CRA calls a “marked restriction.” Enabled Financial Solutions realizes that those two words don’t mean a great deal to most people. So the company printed rack cards that list the 60 most common diagnoses, although the company has been successful in obtaining a tax credit in about 300 diagnoses, including HIV and Hep C, which Enabled Financial was the first to obtain a tax credit for. Some of the 60 listed diagnoses include arthritis, lung disorders, hip and knee replacements and head injuries. Chornobay stresses that Enabled Financial does not work in the black and white areas such as spinal cord injuries. “We work almost exclusively in the grey areas. We claw back taxes. As long as a person has paid taxes we can claw back – it’s their money. It’s not the government’s money – it’s the taxpayer’s money.”

The company’s clients are overwhelmingly pleased with the service it provides. “I feel wonderful that I can help people,” Chornobay says. “It gives me great pleasure to help them. I’m so happy when I can give people a refund – they need the money.”

One year ago, Enabled Financial Solutions was a company of one person. Today it employs eight and is poised for explosive growth. “I plan on going national,” Chornobay says. “I plan on having people in every major location in BC by the end of 2011.”

She has already put the groundwork in place to make that vision a reality with a thorough training program for the independent contractors who will be part of Enabled Financial Solutions. “Everybody in the company has fun,” she says. “They get along and they love what they do. Our success rate is very high”